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we were expecting trouble on muni this morning but things were cleared up. >> let's get the latest from sue hall. no longer in jeopardy, muni riders have smooth sailing this morning as they worked all night to restore power to the sun way line which is up and running no delays all buses are running on time as well. system wide muni looking good. same with bart, delay with capital corridor train 520 out of oakland due to equipment problems, up to 20 minute delays. golden gate bridge southbound into san francisco no problems, clear, no fog, four lanes southbound, 80 east shore freeway commute is busy but not bad as you make your way to the macarthur maze. good morning. live doppler zoomed in north west corner sonoma county, king ridge road towards annapolis road, sea ranch to
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fort ross sprinkles even light rain in the grind -- in the green around sea ranch, mendocino, lake county up towards eureka and crescent city the steadier rain now. around the bay mainly cloudy, 50, by noon steadier rain starts to move into the north bay where it will stay by 4:00 then all of us light rain during the evening temperatures in the 50s inland a few sprinkles this morning rain in the north bay by noon, rain will stay there through 4:00, then light rain will move into the east bay valleys after 7:00, temperatures around 50 at the coast mainly cloudy upper 40s to near 50 now rain along the north bay beaches noon stays there 4:00 then starts heading south at 7:00. still following breaking news out of . crews on the scene of major --
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house fire, large home on stagler lane still burning that is a rural area. dispatchers got the call after 3:30 this morning they are still trying to put it you, no injuries reported. in san francisco, nudity rights activists are promising to go full frontal at today's meeting if a controversial ban on public nudity is passed. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the castro. you have a way with words. today's vote by the board will be the second time they've voted on this ban on public nudity, the first time it passed 6-5. this nudist movement began in the castro and ran into p@ut those who liked the idea of walking around in their birthday suits revealed how they felt.
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there's are members of the san francisco body freedom movement. they stripped in the board chambers november 20th, after that first vote. more of the same expected today because of a statement released by group it says if they reject the ban we celebrate our victory if they approve the ban we all get naked. either way it is going to be fun. end quote. supervisor weiner who events the district is leading the charge in favor of the ban. >> i don't agree with having yellow hair is the same as exposing your penis at a busy street corner for hours and hours for everyone to watch as they go by i just don't agree with that comparison. >> reporter: if approval is finalized the ban takes effect february 1st, next year. opponents have filed a lawsuit to block it. at least their spirits aren't
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sagging. fines start at $100 and go up from there. that is the naked truth. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:04. at 9:00 within-way traffic control will be implemented on highway -- one-way traffic control will be implemented on devils slide crews will do erosion control work in the wake of the three storms. that control will be in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. sanitation workers are blaming a clogged sewer line for another sewage spill in san anselmo. backed up and broken sewer lines all over the region sewage started spewing out of a manhole on broadmore avenue sunday morning, 30,000 gallons spilled they are not sure if it reached a nearby week. we want your weather photos, send them to ureport.
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california's controversial ban on gay conversion therapy for minors is on hold u.s. district judge ruled late yesterday the state must hold off because of concerns it could infringe on first amendment rights. the ruling only applies to the southern california therapist who are trying to overturn the ban. governor brown signed the ban earlier this year. set to take effect january 1st. britain's kate middleton remains in the hospital following the announcement that she and prince william are expecting their first child. kate is being treated for severe morning sickness which causes severe dehydration and nausea and affects one out of every 285 pregnancies. she is expected to make a full recovery. stay with abc7 morning news katie marzullo will have more.
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lara spencer is in london and will have a live report coming up at 7:00. traffic and weather together next on the abc7 morning news. live look outside you are looking at the golden gate bridge traffic heading to san francisco, dry here now, rain is on the way, meteorologist mike nicco will have the full forecast. sue hall will check traffic and mass transit. wooing hillary clinton. the high ranking politician that wants the secretary of state to replace him in office. it is not the president. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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welcome back. getting ready for wet weather in the north bay. over the last three hours train of light echoes blue and green it means sprinkles to light rain along the sonoma county coast towards cloverdale now. mainly cloudy and mild 49 los gatos and concord the rest of us in the low to mid 50s. as we head into the afternoon hours starting off mild compared to yesterday, we'll end up with temperatures once again in the low to mid 60s outside of the north bay where the steady rain will start to develop during the noon hour that is going to keep new the upper 50s. -- >> relief for muni riders for
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the subway and metro service all back in full service no delays with metro or buses. we are getting reports of powell high cable car system disrupted due to equipment problem they have a motor coach shuttle until further notice high street will be pulled in and out of service to powell, mason until further notice. bart on time, 580 pardon me the 520 train out of oakland capital corridor is experiencing 20 minute delays due to equipment problems. new this morning, we are learning secretary of state hillary clinton is getting a new push to run for office. this time it is not for president of the united states. but for mayor of new york city. "the new york times" reports that current mayor bloomberg personally calmed the secretary of state and urged another run in next year's mayoral election. clinton does not appear to be interested. she told bloomberg she would not be running. bloomberg, a republican will
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be termed out next year after three terms. clinton is a democrat. editor-in-chief of vogue may be in line for a new job, u.s. ambassador. president obama is considering nominating anna win tour as the next ambassador to -- either united king come or -- kingdom or france she helped bring in more than $500,000 to his reelection campaign and certainly an icon in the fashion world. this would be something new. >> it would be indeed. coming up, ahead the deep one fast food giant is offering to celebrate a big milestone. protecting elderly from scams and abuse, tips to make ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait,
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welcome back. 6:14. a few sprinkles in north bay, otherwise mild, 50°. the rain will become steady in the north bay by noon the rest of us scattered sprinkles and mid to upper 50s light rain throughout north bay at 4:00, starting to move south in most neighborhoods by 7:00 temperatures back around 50°. next three days we have rain tomorrow morning, scattered showers in the afternoon, dry thursday and friday. 6:15. elderly abuse is on the rise. many times family members and close friends are to blame. >> reporter: good morning.
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older americans are easy victims for scam artists. consumer reports has found increasingly that family and friends are abusing elderly by draining bank accounts, selling valuables or taking over their real estate. these crimes can be difficult to spot. 74-year-old arthur green years building his lakeside home. he says recently he was persuaded to sign it over to his granddaughter and told he could live out his day there. >> all of a sudden she just like i don't know what nap of the finger she changed. >> reporter: his granddaughter tried to evict him and sell the property. >> author was at risk of homelessness. he was also impoverished because this land and house is the only thing of any value he owns in the world. >> reporter: green's lawyer says financial exploitation of seniors is all too common and
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often goes unreported. consumer reports investigation finds theft and fraud by loved ones is on the rise. >> caregivers, family members, neighbors, they can use all kinds of tactics to raid assets. >> reporter: they can be as obvious as forging signatures on checks, begging for loans that never paid back or accusing power of attorney. >> when you give power of attorney to somebody it can give them unfettered access to your accounts. somebody who misuses those can do real damage. that's a problem for elderly. >> reporter: to help prevent elder abuse have bank and investment statements sent to a person you truce -- you trust to monitor accounts average for direct deposit and automatic bill pay, consult a reputable attorney for advice on wills and limiting power of attorney. fortunately, for arthur a legal services program for the elderly he consulted obtained a court order voiding the
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granddaughter's deed, returning the property to him. consumer reports says, if you are or elderly relative is concerned about financial abuse a good place if get help is national center on elderly abuse. i posted a link at i'm michael finney, on your side. -- >> par [ unintelligible ] good morning. 6:18. big weather story will be tomorrow morning when most of us will be dealing with steadier rain. embarcadero, ferry building back to the bay bridge it is dry. live doppler 7 hd northwest corner, sonoma county, getting most of the rainfall this is heading off to the northeast places like fort ross, sea
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ranch, up to calistoga are going to be dealing with light rain the next hour or so. as we look at what is going on otherwise, dress for 49 concord and los gatos, low to mid 50s elsewhere, monterey bay mild 49 monterey and santa cruz near 50 gilroy, salinas and watsonville mainly cloudy, steadier rain best up in the north bay during the daylight hours today, will start spreading south once we get towards 5:00, out of here by thursday extended period of dry weather for your outdoor activities. bulk of the storm to the north now getting overrunning rain with warm front and cold front comes in tonight and tomorrow when we get the steadier rain this is not as strong as the last three but a mild air mass temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s today ahead of it. 7:00 still the wet weather, best chance of it in sonoma
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through noon, in the afternoon steadier rain in the north bay 6:00 starts moving into the heart of the bay, during the evening hours it will make it down to the south bay in the form of sprinkles with steadier rain in the north bay with light to moderate rain during the early parts of the overnight hours you can see how quickly it spreads across neighborhoods and hangs arm for tomorrow's morning commute through noon steady rain diminishing then north bay clearing by lunch, scattered showers during the afternoon, as we head towards the evening, looks like it is all over, we wake up thursday morning with mainly clear conditions, probably a lot of fog forming inland especially north bay up to an inch, half an inch on the peninsula, 3/4 in the east bay, quarter of an inch in the south bay dry for the raiders-broncos game thursday evening. friday through monday temperatures may dip a little dry air is going to come in and take the rain way.
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have a great day. muni metro service back on time back in service after overnight power outage. new muni problem this time with the cable cars, powell high cable cardiss runned service, they have a -- motor coach in place that is not ideal especially if you are visiting but that's what they've got now. bart is on time, no problems, capital corridor train 520 cancelled out of oakland. take the next train which is 5:-- which is 522. headlights off the bridge on the hayward side, tail lights towards highrise towards foster city everything at the limit, no fog and no delays as you make your way from the east bay to the peninsula, metering lights on at the bay bridge not too bad, backed to the 880 overcrossing things could be more jammed, no
6:21 am
problems upper deck, a little sluggish on the incline into san francisco. ahead, are you looking for a job? the event taking place today in the south bay bringing together dozens of employers. deep discount one fast food giant is offering to celebrate a big milestone. there say -- there is a catch
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. welcome back. napa river flood stage 25 we'll spike up to 12 with this next rain nothing to worry about there. st. helena and flood stage is 16 will spike at 5 1/2, no worries there. head over to the russian river, flood stage 32, about 19, still, doing very well there.
6:25 am
good news we are going to get rain but it is not going to be like the last three storms. 6:25 many we continue to follow breaking news out of the philippines, flooding from a -- a typhoon has claim dozens of lives the death toll at 40, 33 villagers and soldiers drowned when water dumped by the storm rushed down a mountain, typhoon bopha slammed into the region at dawn today one of the strongest storms to hit in decades. right now san jose police on the scene of a huge pot bust. investigators tell abc7 news they responded to a home on sandalwood court in east san jose after 3:00 this morning where they phone the doors to the home open. when they -- they went in they found an elaborate grow operation with 300 pot plants inside, three cars seen leaving the area before police got there. terry mcsweeney is headed to
6:26 am
the scene we'll have more on later editions of abc7 news. we have a new flash of a different kind. for you hungry deal hunters, burger king is offering famous whooper this week for just 55 cents, the special is to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the sandwich, the deal is good thursday through sunday. here's the catch, you have to buy another whooper at full price to get the second one at 55 cents. >> makes sense. abc7 news is dealing up with job journal for another event today, more than 350 jobs available at this free event in san jose, companies hiring, hyatt region , santa clara, army lifeguard, sleep train. bring your resume to the doubletree in san jose from noon to 4:00 this afternoon. still ahead, british newspapers are calling it kate expectations. the baby frenzy building up
6:27 am
amid word that prince william and his wife are having a little one. plus khraouls -- plus, clues ha may have signaled the news >> school shutdown after water and mud left a huge mess behind. . muni service was a nightmare last night how is it this morning? i'll have an update from the scene.
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. good morning it is:30 on this tuesday. -- it is 6:30 on this tuesday. you can see it is dry here possibly sprinkles in north bay. mike tracking closely when the rain will return.
6:30 am
i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we start with developing news we've been following since last night. muni metro service fully operational this morning after a system-wide outage stranded thousands left the morning commute in doubt. >> amy hollyfield is live at the van ness station. >> reporter: have to teal with the hassle they dealt with last night -- stranded feeling they when they heard all trains had been cancelled weren't running last night at 5:45 a transformer blew, muni said that was because of the rain. we tacked to a man who works graveyard shift he just -- we talked to a man who works the graveyard shift he just got off work this morning and was relieved. >> that's okay, i didn't want to walk again had to walk into work didn't want to have to walk back. so i'm glad it is back up.
6:31 am
>> reporter: what is great is seeing the j and n lines going into the tunnels. the plan overnight was they were not going to be going into the tunnels, that's what muni said overnight. those passengers were going to have to transfer at dubose and church if they continue downtown. before service started at 5, muni said we've got it fixed, everything up to speed, running normal, no problems that's the good news. if you are just waking up and wondering what your plan b is going to be, you can use your first plan, muni is working. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32. >> muni metro, good news. new muni problem. sue has the details. this involving the cable car system. the powell high street line has been disrupted due to
6:32 am
equipment problems they have a shuttle in service, probably not the best alternative, if you come to san francisco to visit and want to ride the cable cars hopefully later this morning they will have that back in action. for now shuttle service for the powell high street line. bart on time, 520 train cancelled out of the oakland you want the next train 522. later this morning, 9:00, highway 1 devils side one-way control forrer row -- for erosion work. san rafael bridge stalled vehicle off to the shoulder. southbound 101 through san rafael, traffic moving at the limit past the civic center. northern sections of sonoma county live doppler, light rain moderate rain on stewart point, skaggs road, yellow, annapolis, king ridge road are some of the areas getting wet as we see one wet
6:33 am
from sea ranch to jenner, stronger storm south of calistoga bulk of moisture staying north now through at least the 4:00 hour 60 with rain in the north bay starting to head towards rest of our neighborhoods by 7:00 inland rain north bay through 4:00, start moving into the east bay valleys 7:00, temperatures top out mid to upper 50s, coast north bay beaches will get wet for the better part of the afternoon the rest of us will get the rain during the evening hours. students will be back in class this morning at white hill middle school in marin county, following a storm-related closure. culvert backed up sunday flooding four classrooms, library and administrative offices in fairfax. the flooding caused significant damage. school leaders say flooring and what -- and walls may have to be replaced. some classes will be moved to
6:34 am
other rooms. a wheelchair bound woman in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after she was run over by a muni streetcar near market and church around 5:30 yesterday. passenger shot this video of the rescue effort moments after leaving the train he heard a man pounding on the outside of the car yelling for the operator to stop. the woman was rushed to san francisco general. police are investigating whether she leaned forward into the train or fell out of her wheelchair. royal news, kate middleton remains hospitalized at a long done hospital, following the announcement she is expecting. britain is buzzing about it. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom. >> reporter: the royal couple and adoring royal watchers have been talking about babies since kate and william announced their engagement. this morning the waiting and speculation is over we know she is pregnant unless,
6:35 am
unfortunately in the hospital with extreme morning sickness. the hospital in london this morning, you can see there unclose guard. that is why the royal family had to an the pregnancy early she is just under 12 weeks. there were subtle clues along the way. remember the scene last fall kate passed on offering of peanut paste. sometime women are advised to avoid peanuts to prevent allergies in their children. in september she toted with water in singapore. last week -- principle -- william accepted a one . until then -- a onesie. i try not to -- i'm just very keen to have a family, both catherine and you are -- and you are looking toward a family in the future. >> reporter: of course the cat is out of bag we know with the
6:36 am
new rules this baby will be third in line to the throne even if it is a girl. n;í firdeé5kfw if her younger siblings were also girls. katie marzullo, abc7 news. stay with abc news and "good morning america" lara spencer is in london she will have a live report at 7:00. 6:36. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside, you are looking at san mateo bridge traffic zipping along without trouble. dry out there now except for a few sprinkles up north. mike will have the full forecast. sue is checking traffic. painkillers taken from a peninsula drugstore. the similarities this case has to another
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welcome back. live doppler 7 hd showing you the last three hours and how radar returns are more plentiful the farther west you go. it is looking out 100 miles out watching this wall of lighter rain towards bodega bay, santa rosa, guerneville over the next two to three hours. visibilities fairly unlimited for the rest of us, cloudy, best chance of rain steady rain north bay during the afternoon, 50s, the rest of us mostly cloudy, scattered sprinkle and low to mid 60s. have the wet weather gear up north. muni metro back on schedule after power problems overnight that's the good news. bart says they are on time. cable car how long high street service disrupted. shuttle in place there.
6:40 am
if you are traveling into san francisco, bay bridge metering lights on traffic backing towards the macarthur maze, no problems just a lot of company on the upper deck into san francisco. new details this morning about a daytime robbery at a palo alto walgreens. surveillance photos shows the man leaving the university avenue store yesterday afternoon. police say he pulled a gun on the farm sis and demanded the -- on the pharmacist and demanded okayy konstantin. sunday a similarly dressed man robbed the cvs in cupertino police say he demanded cash. investigators have not said if the two robberies are connected. iran claims it has captured a u.s. drone. the response from the u.s. military. trading underway on wall street as investigators continue to monitor ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations. dow is up 22 points.
6:41 am
we'll take you live to jane
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welcome back. you can see light rain in the green there all the way over to cloverdale heading north out of windsor towards cloverdale you are going to run into slick streets. rain mainly in the north bay more widespread from noon into 4:00 the rest of us will get light rain into the evening. this time tomorrow will be the most difficult commute because of the wet weather, scattered showers tomorrow afternoon, drier for thursday and friday.
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life can't be terrible for either, all next right here on "good morning america." >> should we be singing you're the one i want, you're the one i want? >> no. well done, we have john travolta, olivia newton john news that is also ahead, we've got it all covered. >> this three-part harmony
6:46 am
would be two-part harmony. >> come on let's hear it. 6:46. u.s. navy denying claims that iran has captured a drone. spokesman says no american drones are missing in the mideast now that word just came overnight. iran claimed it had captured a u.s. drone after it ended the country's airgg#bx space over te per shall gulf. state tv showing -- persian gulf. the state tv is showing an image. the u.s. insists all aircraft was fully accounted for. jane king live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. january 1st, fiscal cliff getting closer. boehner the president a letter you lining the republicans' plan it took two hours for the white house to reject it, saying it benefits wealth any
6:47 am
and sticks middle class with the bill. republicans want cuts to -- [ unintelligible ] we have quiet start here on wall street, positive, dow and s&p, nasdaq lower investors continuing to track what is going on in washington. bloomberg index this morning a little lower. another positive report on home prices up 6.3% in october biggest jump since june of 2006. pending forecast indicates november index up more than 7% in california better, up more than 9% in october. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> you passed on grease how
6:48 am
about a little singing in the rain? >> [ unintelligible ] >> if mike wants to sing, go ahead. >> sing and dance. >> soft shoe over there. >> i have an umbrella for you. you -- good morning. 6:48, looking from mount tamalpais this morning back down on what is mainly cloudy to the south, turning to the north it would pick up what we are seeing on live doppler 7 hd now, light rain scattered throughout sonoma northern parts of sonoma county and more offshore, headed your way, you are going to see the bulk of the wet weather through the morning commute the rest of us have to wait possibly evening hours outside of the north bay you will be getting waves of light rain the better part of today, mild temperatures 49 concord, los gatos low to mid 50s for the rest of us.
6:49 am
rain in the north bay where we find it best during the daylight hours best chance of it reaching the . rain spreads south tonight dry extended period -- of dry weather and slightly warmer into next week starts thursday. couple areas of high pressure pushing bulk of the storm to the north has subtropical connection will have healthy amounts of rain with it if this was a normal storm and not on the heels of the last three we would be talking about much needed beneficial rain but we don't need any more rain thankfully this will not pump out a lot. through the noon hour rain in the north bay, sunset right after 6:00 rain moving into the heart of the bay scattered light rain in the south bay and east bay during the evening while everybody else is dealing with steadier rain moderate rain in the north bay overnight quickly spreads south and hangs around during tomorrow's morning commute. by noon, a little drying in the north bay, scattered
6:50 am
showers for the rest of us, as we head into the evening hours, showers will start to shrink as dry air rushes in behind this front. you can see clearing trend overnight, that means fog is possible but dry thursday morning. south bay up to a quarter of an inch. half an inch peninsula, 3/4 east bay especially hills, inch in north bay, possibly up to an inch and a half in our 50s today, rest of us low to mid 60s, tomorrow slightly cooler but dry thursday that does include the game against the broncos. slightly cooler dry friday through monday. muni metro the subway system back on track this morning. all power fully restored. if you are a muni commuter you have no delays there. live look at 80 east shore freeway bunching up 580 merges
6:51 am
on with 880, we have an accident in the eastbound direction at gilman blocking gilman off-ramp, no significant delays for eastbound commute just past the gilman off-ramp you might find slowing, solid stream of lights towards the macarthur maze. to the san mateo bridge differ view this morning as you make your way past1 toll flat section tail lights headed westbound headlights towards hayward moving nicely no problems. west 580 at north flynn accident multi-vehicle cleared out of lanes you can see very slow traffic out of tracy from 205 up towards the altamont pass. a look at drive times heading out now, 28 minutes from the altamont to 680. highway 4 out of antioch, 680 san ramon corridor. if you are thinking about getting a flu shot this year now might be a good time. typically the season stars in
6:52 am
january. the cdc says it is already underway the earliest start nay decade measured bay the number of cases reported -- health officials are warning this year's most common strain is especially powerful. ahead, five things to know before you go. >> abc7 morning news comes
6:53 am
good morning. 6:53 on this tuesday. both sides of the bay, clouds, no rain probably in the area you are looking at. mike says in the north bay, like guerneville, starting to see rain, light sprinkles more of that will be coming to the bay area. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america," five things to know before you go. number one, developing news out of sonoma county crews on the scene of major house fire in petaluma. they got the call on stagler
6:54 am
lane after 3:30 this morning. the fire burned almost two hours, everybody everybody got out safely. number two, muni metro trains running normally after a france former brought service to a standstill -- a transformer brought service to a standstill last night. >> number three, communities across the bay area will be keeping an eye on the sky and live doppler when the next round of storms moves into the bay area a trio of storms last week left several sinkholes, washed out roads, flood buildings and caused that muni problem. >> number four, san francisco city hall could be filled with naked people again today when the board of supervisors is expected to give final approval on a city wide ban on nudity. nudists stripped two weeks ago
6:55 am
when the board give initial arrival to the ordinance introduced by supervisor weiner. number five, abc7 news teaming up with the job journal for another hire event today, more than 350 jobs to fill, three event at doubletree in san jose. >> bring your resume, probably no need for umbrella. >> not that point, but later pike? >> absolutely this time tomorrow morning -- all of us will be getting rain. here's a look at live doppler, from fort ross down to jenner towards sea ranch on 1 annapolis road, king ridge road, skaggs springs road that whole area getting waves of light rain, a wave starting to develop that will keep the rain in the north bay until 4:00, 5:00, then it will start sliding south we could have scattered sprinkles, that's where the steadier rain is going to be during the daylight hours.
6:56 am
upper 50s there to mid 60s. bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backing towards macarthur maze no delays on upper deck, little sluggish no stalls or accidents. golden gate bridge nice ride into san francisco from marin no delays here. final look at our traffic app the waze app showing bay bridge back-up with traffic spotter frank can i givesing us this live -- frankie giving us this live picture bumper-to-bumper, you are looking at a 10 minute delay to get into san francisco from the tolls. >> gentleman thank you for joining us -- thank you for joining us the news continues in 25 minutes. >> team coverage of royal baby news. we are always on at we are always on at captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. and breaking now, prince william just arriving at kate's bedside, after their huge announcement that a royal heir is on the way. the latest on those complications for the royal mother-to-be, suffering from severe morning sickness. now, in the hospital for several days. lara spencer leads our live coverage from london. al

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